2017 Trevian SC Winter Personal Soccer Training

To register for Personal Training, go to www.fcunitedpremier.com/WinterPT

Winter Personal Soccer Training is here! Personal Soccer Training uses the same Trevian SC Club curriculum to train athletes in a one-on-one, coach-player environment. This gives athletes the ability to perfect their skills with a coach right there to critique and work with them on every aspect of the curriculum. Get more touches on the ball! Learn and perfect new skills! Add personal soccer training to your club soccer schedule!

Trevian SC Personal Soccer Training is designed to give current Trevian SC players the chance to refine and improve their individual skills in a one-on-one, coach-player environment.


Registration is on the FCU website - click here to register! 


Personal Training Dates for Session 2 will be announced soon.

Personal Training Director

Trevian SC Personal Training will run by Director Quavas Kirk.


Quavas Kirk

  • IMG Academy, Florida
  • Over 8 years of professional experience
  • US National Team credentials
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable speed, agility, & quickness coach


The Glen Fields: 3090 N Lake Terrace, Glenview

Personal Training Details

Each personal training group hosts a maximum of 4 players, unless otherwise stated.

If bad weather occurs and we have to give the indoor space to the club teams, PT will be cancelled for the day and you will be refunded for that session. This call will be made by 2:00pm, the day of training.

Players must be on a Trevian SC team in order to participate in Personal Soccer Training.

Registration is currently closed

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